abarrejadis nom masculin, Occitan : pêle-mêle, mélange…

Abarrejadis is a group born in the Gers in 2008, its name comes from an Occitan word which means “peel mixes, mixes …”. We are a trio, we produce a mixed music, between jazz and Spanish music, French song and rock. Since 2008 we have gone from the “smallest bar” in Toulouse to off festivals such as “Jazz in Marciac” or “Jazz en Touraine”. To date we have recorded three albums: “The cowboy ballad” (2009), “Inpoculis” (2011) and “Like clock paper” (2015). These three albums were entirely self-produced by Abarrejadis.


He entered the Music’Halle living music school (Toulouse) in 1995 where he was in professional training from 1997 to 1999. At the same time, he plays in blues, jazz, French songs groups, gives guitar lessons and conducts group play workshops within musical associations. In 2000, he joined the duo The metallic way (future Aléas) and currently plays in various formations including Esquif (poetic songs), Iah-Hel (jazz) and Les Ouifis (swing songs). He also takes part in improvisation workshops bringing together musicians, dancers and graphic artists.


Immersed very young in the world of music, Ludovic is a confirmed autodidact. His learning is nevertheless reinforced by a solid classical training at the Conservatory, which will allow him to diversify his art. Over the course of his career, he joined numerous groups that introduced him to various styles of music: rock, reggae, ball, gypsy music … He truly discovered gypsy jazz by listening to Stochelo Rosenberg. His game was enriched, and he became interested in the legacy of jazz and its standards. He also engages in parallel musical activities: he writes and composes for other artists, and also tries to arrange various music. In his warm and captivating voice you can feel the major reasons for his pleasure to play: el amor y la pasion!


Cradled in his adolescence by the greatest of blues and rock, he was first interested in sound and light. The practice of an instrument will be late thanks to an inheritance (a beautiful Musicman). Self-taught, he will play in many blues and rock bands as a bassist, guitarist and singer. In the early 2000s, he composed his own songs before returning to the scene two years later. It is only for three years that he has opened up to other horizons by integrating groups of different styles (it doesn’t matter) and that, over the course of the meetings, he has joined Abarrejadis.