La ballade du cowboy

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First self produced album of the Abarrejadis group recorded in 2009.

Abarrejadis :

Guitar : Sebastien Cogan

Bass Olivier Despax

Guitar: Ludo Lescaut

saxophone : Arielle Bordes

In Poculis

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Second self-produced album of the group abarrejadis recorded in 2011. Abarrejadis and present on the album:

Guitar & Ney : Stéphane Guionie

Bass : Olivier Despax

Guitar Ludo Lescaut

saxophone : Arielle Bordes

Drums : Stéphane Ballas

Demo & des paroles

Here is our new demo, which we wanted to record for you to discover other music that we perform.

Demo recorded in November 2012, self produced by Abarrejadis.

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