The AZULENCA flamenco group was born in Auch in the Gers. In the center is the singer Sylvia Morales, auscitian but of Andalusian origin, with a powerful and sensitive voice. Pascal Thibaut has accompanied him on guitar for a decade, on stage, but also in workshops and workshops in flamenco dance. After several years in duet, the group has grown and evolved by recently acquiring a formidable rhythm section, Max Richard on percussion and Nicolas Thevenin on double bass.


Les Doigts Nylon

Three guitars with nylon strings that flirt with gypsy rumba, bossa, sevillana… in complete freedom!

Three Auscitian guitarists from different horizons and groups who meet in a spirit of sharing, exchange and fraternity.

Three voices that call for travel with refrains in sunny Iberian tones.